DEB5 and SPDX Tag-Value

Added by Michael C. Jaeger 6 months ago

Maximilian has posted this on the devel-mailing list, reposting here: With the pull request [#556] two new agents were introduced to master and they are ready for extensive testing.

  1. spdx2tv: This agent generates an SPDX2.0 tag:value report, which contains the same information as the old SPDX2 report (now called "SPDX RDF").
  1. dep5: This agent generates a copyright file, which satisfies the requirements defined in [1]. The report contains less information (no file hashes, ...) but has the advantage, that it contains for every license a list of corresponding files instead of a multiline entry for every file, which results in a much shorter report. It also supports wildcards to make the lists of files even shorter (not implemented yet, see git issue [#557]).

Both Agents are based on the spdx2 agent and are registered in the drop-down menus on the `/?mod=browse` page.

Generated reports, for the file [time-1.7.tar.gz], can be found in the gist: [2].


FOSSology 3.0.0

Added by Michael C. Jaeger 7 months ago

Please see our

At the same time, we ask for your patience, since the build / package system is under migration to the Linux Foundation infrastructure right now and we do not have the phletora of generated packages available for all your distros right now. News on that will be announced on the mailing lists.

Thanks to all contributing persons for this release and have a nice time using FOSSology, Michael

Who Uses FOSSology?

Added by Bob Gobeille 10 months ago

We are grateful to several of our users who have allowed us to include them on our Who Uses FOSSology web page. Would you like to help us out and be included on this page? This is a great way to let your customers and vendors know that you take open source licensing seriously.

Click here to check out Who Uses FOSSology!

dashboard patch for 2.6.2

Added by Bob Gobeille about 1 year ago

The Dashboard is broken in 2.6.2 if you use postgres >= 9.2. We are discussing if we should do a 2.6.3 version (before 3.0) with bug fixes and a performance boost, but in the mean time if you are experiencing an error with the Dashboard you can download the fixed version at

Put the admin-dashboard.php file in your /etc/fossology/mods-enabled/www/ui (if you installed from a package). Or in /usr/local/etc/fossology/mods-enabled/www/ui if you installed from source.

FOSSology review

Added by Bob Gobeille about 1 year ago

Check out Ryan Arnold's FOSSology review in his masters thesis.

Issue tracker off - use GitHub

Added by Bob Gobeille over 1 year ago

Please use GitHub for reporting all new issues. All the old issues have been moved to there. Thank you Larry and Paul.

Issue tracker

Added by Bob Gobeille over 1 year ago

I've turned on the issue tracker so we can complete the migration to github. Please DO NOT FILE NEW ISSUES. Use the github issue tracker for new issues.

2.6.2 Released

Added by Bob Gobeille over 1 year ago

January 15, 2015

2.6.2-RC1 has turned into the 2.6.2 general release (without changes)

Issue Tracker Moved

Added by Bob Gobeille over 1 year ago

We have been moving our development infrastructure to GitHub. That's where the issue tracker is now.

2.6.2-RC1 announced

Added by Bob Gobeille over 1 year ago

January 6, 2015

2.6.2-RC1 released.

2.6.2 is a bug fix, performance, and license scanner update. Release notes can be found at: Release_Notes

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