Administering FOSSology

The default administrator for fossology is the user fossy. Any user with access level of Full Administrator is an admin. Most users of FOSSology do not need to be an administrator. Granting most users an access level of Analyze will allow them to upload files and perform analysis on those files as well as create their own folders and administer their own account. Note: users with analyze permissions cannot delete folders or uploads (even their own). Only admins can remove folders and uploads.

Users with delete or debug access levels (which are greater than analyze level), can remove their own folders and uploads.

Performing Administrative Functions


Buckets are an advanced feature that allows arbitrary grouping of items. For example, a bucket could be defined to hold any license that matches GPL.

Before creating or modifying an existing bucket it's important to make sure that the user understands Creating Bucket Pools.


The customize menu allows the administrator to customize the FOSSology web site. See Configuring the FOSSology Site for the details.


Dashboard provides a quick, useful overview of Job Queue, Database Contents, Repository Disk Space, and Database Metrics.

When you select Admin > Dashboard, as shown above, the following screen is displayed. Note that the Job Queue information provides links to additional information.

Database Administration

Checking the Database, Database performance

Checking the Database for Inconsistencies

On occasion, the database can become inconsistent. For example, there may be pfile records without ufile entries, or ufile entries that are not linked by any uploadtree records. Inconsistencies usually arise due to failed unpacking, partial deletions, and testing.

Temporary inconsistencies may exist when a file is uploaded, being unpacked, or being deleted.

  • An uploaded file -- before being unpacked -- can appear inconsistent.
  • The unpack system creates ufiles and pfiles first, then links them together when it completes.
  • The delete system removes records in series, so a partial delete (or delete in progress) can show inconsistencies.

Admin > Database > Check provides information about tasks running in the job queue that may make records appear inconsistent.

Improving Database Performance

Database performance can be improved by optimizing table memory allocation. The database supports two methods:

  • vacuum to free deleted rows
  • analyze to precompute row counts

These two functions are called by most agents on an as-needed basis. However, you can also start them yourself when needed.

Keep in mind that running these functions too often can also negatively impact database performance, since the database will spend more time cleaning than doing real work.


Use the Groups menu to define Groups and Tags.

Viewing Agent Status

You can view the Show Agent Status screen by selecting Admin > Scheduler" and then selecting *Agents to submit.

License Administration

To administer the various license types, use the Admin > License Admin menu.


To administer tags and their name spaces, select the Admin > Tags menu.

Administering Users

Admin > Users provides a means of user account administration. You can add or delete users, edit user account information, and set various user-specific security and access paramaters.

To allow the non-authenticated user to upload files, select Admin > Users > Edit users and select the user "Default User". Change the user's access level from "None" to "Analyze".

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The options vary based on where the data to upload is located. The data can be uploaded from:

  • Your browser system - Use the Upload > from File option to select and upload the file. While this can be very convenient (particularly if the file is not readily accessible online), uploading via your web browser can be slow for large files, and files larger than 650 Megabytes may not be uploadable.
  • The FOSSology web server. Use the Upload > from Server option to specify a file or path on the web server. This option is intended for developers who have mounted directories containing source trees. The directory must be accessible via the web server's user.
  • A remote server - Use the Upload > from URL option to specify a remote server. This is the most flexible option, but the URL must denote a publicly accessible HTTP, HTTPS, or FTP location. URLs that require authentication or human interactions cannot be downloaded through this automated system.

Use the Upload > One-Shot Analysis option to upload a single file for license analysis (similar to upload from file). The analysis is done in real-time. Note the limitations that are listed on the One-Shot License Analysis screen.

Use the Upload > One-Shot Copyright/Email/URL option to upload a single file for copyright, email and URL analysis (similar to upload from file). The analysis is done in real-time. Note the limitations that are listed on the One-Shot Copyright/Email/URL screen.

If your system is configured to use multiple agent servers, the data area must be mounted and accessible to the FOSSology user (fossy) on every agent system. See the section scheduler in the Scheduler documentation.

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