Concluded Licence

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The older model to is now no longer applicable.
Scanner results can not be changed manually anymore, and they are unique for files with the same hash values (pfile_fk).

A second license information (concluded license) is mapped to files (global via pfile_fk or upload via uploadtree_fk).

A decision for a concluded license (clearing decision) has the following properties

  • type: "User decision" (UD) for final decision, "To be determined" (TBD) for suggestions. Only the latest TBD will be displayed in the history. It will be deleted as soon as a new UD is made. The purpose of a TBD is to store license suggestions for future use. Typically a clearer only makes UDs.
  • public (report info) and private (comment, only visible for the user) notes for each decision are possible
  • The currently valid UD is taken from the first match of: The newest upload UD for a file with the same pfile_fk in the same folder and if there is none the newest global UD for a file with the same pfile_fk.