There are many ways to contribute to the FOSSology project.

  • Coding - we are always looking for developers interested in contributing anything from small bug fixes to new features.
  • Ideas - have a new idea for FOSSology? We would like to hear it.
  • Documentation - the documentation always has room for improvement. Is there something unclear or missing from the docs, you can fix it.
  • Testing - everybody's environment is slightly different, and it is a foregone conclusion that we have overlooked something important in yours. Let us know!
  • Bug reports - the backbone of software quality - if you come across something that's broken, precarious, or just doesn't seem right, the first step is filing a bug report. The more specific and detailed the report, the easier and faster it will be to fix.
  • Public Speaking - Are you a FOSSology user and feel comfortable speaking?
  • Fill in the blank - What do we need that we don't know about?

Getting started

Join the conversation. Write to us at . Become part of the FOSSology team.