Where FOSSology installs files and where it keeps temp files can be changed during install. To see where they are installed on your fossology installation,
- Login in as a fossology admin
- On the top menu, click on Help > Debug > Global Variables

The default global variable locations are:

Variable path Removed by fo-cleanold?
BINDIR /usr/bin
LIBDIR /usr/lib
LIBEXECDIR /usr/lib/fossology
INCLUDEDIR /usr/include
MAN1DIR /usr/share/man/man1
AGENTDIR /usr/lib/fossology/agents
PROJECTSTATEDIR /var/lib/fossology
PROJECT fossology n/a
DATADIR /usr/share/fossology
VERSION //a.b.c// n/a
SVN_REV exported n/a

If you want to see all the files on your system, go to the top of the fossology source tree and run


The output is in /tmp/new-distro. Note, this will do multiple makes on the fossology source, ending with a make clean.

These file locations are based on the LSB see LSB Location Table put together by Matt Taggart.


FOSSology configuration files:

File Purpose
conf Directory of Apache configuration files
Db.conf Database connection parameters
fossology.conf FOSSology configuration file
mods-enabled Directory of symlinks to fossology modules
samplefooter.txt Sample file for scheduler email footer
sampleheader.txt Sample file for scheduler email header
VERSION Version, subversion rev, and build date for the installed release


Same as /etc/fossology, but this is the default location of tarball installs.


File Purpose
fossology.log log file, uses autorotate

Other directories

Directory Contents
/usr/lib/fossology Command line programs, install utilities
/usr/local/lib/fossology Same as /usr/lib/fossology, but for source installs
/usr/share/fossology Module directory (see /etc/fossology/mods-enabled/)
/usr/local/share/fossology Same as /usr/share/fossology, but for source installs
/var/lib/fossology System specific data, e.g. bucketpools
/var/local/lib/fossology Same as /var/lib/fossology, but for source installs
/usr/bin command line executables
/usr/local/bin Same as /usr/bin, but for source installs