How to fix a license result (Prior to 2.6, with the introduction of "concluded licenses" this is no longer valid)

There are times when the license scanner will return an erroneous result. This how-to shows you how to fix this so that the correct license is reported. You should already be familiar with how to use the license browser (how to drill down to individual files). If not please review Quickstart.

I wasn't able to quickly find a case where the FOSSology license identified the wrong license, so I'm going to make one up for demonstration purposes. In this case you can see that the file README.txt was identified as "See-file(LICENSE)". This means that the license is in an external file. Let's say that this is a mistake and the real license is GPL-2.0. To fix this, click the [Edit] button.

Clicking on [Edit] will give you the following dialog.

Here you can select GPL-2.0 from the license pulldown. You can also enter an optional reason why you are making this change. In this case, you might enter "LICENSE file specifies GPL-2.0". Or maybe the reason is "Change cleared by attorney JSMITH". Click Submit.

The result is the following screen that shows you the change history and allows you to correct your correction, if desired.

Click "License Browser" in the micro menu to return to viewing the license. Now you can see that the license was indeed changed to GPL-2.0.

Also, if you click on "Edit" again, you will see the license change history.

Special cases

There are two special cases to be aware of.

  1. FOSSology identified a license, but there is none.
    In this case, choose "No_license_found" from the license pull down.
  1. FOSSology identified multiple licenses and they are all correct except for one, which isn't a license at all. In other words, the license scanner says "CC-BY-3.0, Intel", but there is no Intel Open Source License in the file. In this case you can't change Intel to "CC-BY-3.0,No_license_found" because "No_license_found" contradicts the "CC-BY-3.0". For this case, from the license pull down, select "Void".

LicenseEdit1.gif (56.1 kB) Bob Gobeille, 04/29/2013 08:14 pm

LicenseEdit2.gif (35.3 kB) Bob Gobeille, 04/29/2013 08:14 pm

LicenseEdit3.gif (34.5 kB) Bob Gobeille, 04/29/2013 08:14 pm

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