What about SUSE

We don't support SUSE because we haven't had much demand for it. People who have talked to us about it just end up using one of our supported distros. However, Mark Felton decided to pursue this, installing from source on SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11.2 and here are his notes (still a work in progress). Mark was not using the latest (2.5.0 version as I write this). He must be using something quite old because simpleIndex.php (step 8) was removed quite a few releases ago. If you use FOSSology on SUSE, please contribute to this to help other SUSE users.

1> Cannot use RPM must use TAR file.
2> Use Yast to get the postgresql database and the php that is needed (may have been other, I did a lot of stuff not knowing what I needed)
3> Had to symbolically link files in /usr/local/bin to /usr/bin.
Note: need to check if path variable can do the same thing
4> Had to build p7zip from a separate tar file (p7zip_9_20.1_src_all.tar). These are not in my SUSE
5> Had to build upx separately (upx-3.91.386_linux). This is not in my SUSE
6> Put 7z 7zr upx in /usr/local/bin
7> Could not find way to build icat or dpkg-source so I created dummy versions that made it seem like they were there. This will only fail if these are needed. Again not in my SUSE.
8> Put some hard coded URLs in simpleIndex.php to get the startup stuff to work cleaner.
9> May have to change permissions on some directories.
10> Changed php.ini to handle larger uploads
11> sudo /sbin/service fossology start or restart does not work,
instead I have to start the scheduler
‘sudo /usr/local/lib/fossology/fossology-scheduler –d –L/tmp/foss.log’

· There may be better version of 7z and upx
· Path fixes may resolve some of the issues I had
· I copied the ui directory into my local web area, when I tried a symbolic link it did not work (not sure why).
· I had to use the –R option when starting the scheduler several times to get the large file working

Things I have not tried yet

Bunzip2 file
Directory instead of tar file from server
Other file types
Upload from URL

Upload from file is still not working with tar files. Not important but I will see if I can get this working when I get some time.