Links - Related Projects

This is a growing list of related open source projects, community efforts, commercial offerings, and related organizations doing things similar to what FOSSology is trying to accomplish. Note - not listed in any particular order

  • FOSSBazaar is our sister organization, a community dedicated to developing free and open source software governance best practices, with significant contributions from technology and industry leaders who have come together to accelerate adoption of free and open source software in the enterprise
  • Open Source License Checker is tool for inspection and analysis of license information from open source packages. Their project is hosted at This is a stand-alone client side license checker written in Java.
  • Explore billions of lines of open source code with Krugle Public
  • FLOSSmetrics intends to construct, publish and analyse a large scale database with information and metrics about libre software development coming from several thousands of software projects, using existing methodologies, and tools already developed. The project will also provide a public platform for validation and industrial exploitation of results.
  • Ohloh is an open source network that connects people through the software they create and use
  • FLOSSmole provides collaborative collection and analysis of free/libre/open source project data
  • Google Code Search is a search portal tuned for searching public source code. The search can be targeted based on simple text, regular expressions, specific files or directories, packages, languages, or licenses. [deprecated]
  • OpenLogic Discovery is a free software tool that helps enterprises identify the open source software installed on Windows, Linux and Solaris workstations and servers.
  • OpenLogic Exchange (OLEX) is a trusted source for enterprises using open source software. OLEX helps enterprises find, download, use, manage and support hundreds of enterprise-ready open source packages.
  • Coverity's Prevent is a static source code analysis tool that automatically identifies and resolves the most critical defects in C, C++ and Java source code.
  • SWik is a community driven resource for people who use open source software. Find free software or read and submit news: people are constantly adding cool new stuff. SWik is operated and provided by SourceLabs, inc (
  • Blackduck Software offers a suite of products to help companies govern how their software assets are created, managed, and licensed. Black Duck's offerings enable companies that develop software using third party and open source components to catch and resolve intellectual property and compliance issues as they occur during development, instead of in the marketplace. * is a free resource provided by Blackduck for searching open source code. The Koders Pro Edition and the Koders Enterprise Edition both search private source code, and have been adopted by developers and teams at ISVs and Fortune 500 companies. Code searches can be targeted at specific classes, methods, interfaces, files, or compound searches.
  • Palamida's solutions are able to identify and provide detailed information on over 780,000 open source and other third-party project versions including vulnerability, license, and copyright information. This information provides code-level analysis to reduce security and legal risks around using unknown open source and other third-party products.
  • Neolex Open Source Audits specialises in advising clients on open source licensing issues, using auditing tools including FOSSology. Their lawyers have years of expertise with all types of legal issues surrounding open source and can provide companies and projects with expert legal support
  • Source Auditor helps commercial software developers identify open source and its associated license obligations hidden inside their software.
  • SourceScan - This is a new attempt to create a complete copy of the source code of each package contained in the Debian Archive. This would then allow source code scanning, to detect simple patterns of code known to be frequently insecure. * See also:
  • - is a Wiki-Based software guide, written by its users. Their aim is to help people find, compare and give reviews to thousands of software products.
  • - Nifty graphical graphing tool to graph license percentages