Nomos License list

The attached files contain the Nomos license list, by FOSSology version. Note that nomos changes frequently. So the top of tree code may contain new changes not reflected in the released code.

We also have an analysis of SPDX 1.18 vs FOSSology 2.2 MatchSPDXLicenceIDs

license_list_2.4.0.txt (9.3 kB) Anonymous, 11/14/2013 08:59 am

license_list_old.txt (6.4 kB) Anonymous, 11/14/2013 08:59 am

license_list_2.5.0.txt (3.6 kB) Anonymous, 04/03/2014 02:16 pm

license_list_2.6.0.txt (7 kB) Anonymous, 07/30/2014 09:14 am