Release 2.5.0 Retrospective Notes

What we all agreed on

  • We need to do migration testing and it should be added to Jenkins (our CI server)
  • Resolving issues as we go, rather than waiting to the end of the release, is a very good thing
  • We need more packaging test cases
  • We won't try to automate our UI testing because of the effort this would take to write and maintain. Also, we test the UI every day while we are developing just in normal usage.
  • Our automated testing is critical
  • Automated install testing needs work

Needs more discussion

  • Larry would like to discuss our distro support policy. Perhaps we need to support older distros, or newer distros on older fossology releases.
  • Possibly having the next release be 3.0 and starting a new upgrade policy where we test jumping minor releases (like 3.0 to 3.6).
  • Release schedule. Currently we do 3 month releases. Discussion leaned to longer ones (4 mo or greater). We can do staggered releases. For example, release nomos changes quickly like every 3 months, but do whole FOSSology releases every 6 months.
  • Besides migration testing, we should look at adding performance testing, big data and pressure testing to Jenkins.
  • Our current pressure testing needs to be expanded. What should we add?

Action Items

  • Larry - create retrospective type survey questions. Discuss on fossology-devel. When this gets finalized, Bob or Larry will probably put it on survey monkey. This is currently being discussed on fossology-devel. When there is some consensus, this page will be updated.