How to use and manage tags

It is recommended that you refrain from using tags at this time. The user interface is confusing. There is no selection list to tag a file. It looks like you have to create a tag each time you only want to tag something. It's hard to tell where tags are enabled and disabled. ...

Tags can be associated with single files, directories, archives (like a tar, rpm, etc), and even uploads.

There are three components to FOSSology tags:
  1. The tag name
    This is the simple name by which you refer to a tag. For example, "NeedsReview".
  1. The tag description
    To help you remember what the tag means, you can attach a description to the tag. For example, "File needs commercial attorney review".
  1. A note
    You can also record a note, like a long description to a tag.

How to tag something

How to use tags

Searching with tags

Browsing with tags

How to manage tags (admin only)

Enabling/disabling tags on an upload