Who Uses FOSSology

"FOSSology is the premier Free Software system for license scanning.
Conservancy relies on FOSSology on a weekly basis in our work
enforcing the GPL for Linux and other GPL'd and LGPL'd projects.”

-Bradley M. Kuhn, Software Freedom Conservancy

"We've been using FOSSology since its inception, and it is an
indispensable tool in our audit work. The combination of tools is the best
approach to providing the most complete open source audit, and FOSSology
provides an excellent cross check with our OpenLogic scanner."

-Dave McLoughlin, Rogue Wave Software

"We have been using FOSSology since 2008. We help many organizations in free software / open source compliance and FOSSology is an essential part of that work. The tool is great due to its setup (server side service used with browsers); license recognition capabilities; the licensing of the tool under GPL; and a project with skilled resources and active development. We are looking forward to future development of FOSSology with enthusiasm!”
-Martin von Willebrand, HH Partners, Attorneys-at-law Ltd

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